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Digital Currency

Happy and excited to announce the release of the Audax Wallet v1.0.1!

The new version features:

  • Hierarchically Deterministic (HD) addressing: This feature provides a better method of generating key pairs in a way that is deterministic - deriving all the addresses from a single master seed, allowing you to much more easily and securely back up and restore a wallet.
  • Mnemonic seed words: Working along with HD addressing, users can now create their own master seed using a a randomly generated set of 24 seed words. Keep the seed secure and you can use this to recover your wallet any time in the future
  • Increased default datacarriersize (maximum size allowed for data) to provide support for future data and onchain-messaging-related project initiatives

Version v1.0.1, along with its release notes, is now available on the official Audax Github repository:


A solid, incentivised and collaterized Masternode network plays a vital role in supporting the stability and security of the AUDAX blockchain, amongst other roles.


Using blockchain-based social consensus, Masternode owners can vote on the disbursal of funds in ways that are beneficial to the AUDAX network and eco-system.


Distributed consensus is achieved through a stable, eco-friendly 100% Proof-of-Stake (PoS) version 3.0 mechanism. Node owners receive staking rewards for supporting the network.

Global Adoption

At the core of the AUDAX Vision is a determination to pursue global adoption of cryptocurrency in commerce - bringing faster transactions & lower merchant fees.

Why Choose AUDAX?

Bringing fast, secure digital payment to the world of commerce, without negative disruption to how merchants receive their funds or how buyers access, acquire or spend cryptocurrency - this is the vision of AUDAX.



  • Consensus Protocol: 100% Proof of Stake 3.0
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Difficulty Retargeting: Every block
  • Block time: Maturity: 50 blocks
  • Minimum Staking Age: 3 hours
  • Max supply: 200 million
  • Block reward: 20 AUDAX
  • Masternode reward: 8 AUDAX per block
  • PoS reward: 8 AUDAX per block
  • Governance: 4 coins per block
  • Masternode Collateral: 150,000 coins


Be your own banker: download the right AUDAX wallet for your platform from our Github repository - or simply use our Web Wallet:

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Masternode Collateral: 150,000 AUDAX

Masternode Reward: 8 AUDAX per Block

Staking Reward: 8 AUDAX per Block

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