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Masternode Installation Script

Setup your AUDAX masternode using our easy-to-use installation script.

Creating a Budget Proposal

Learn how to create a Budget Proposal on the AUDAX Blockchain.

Voting for a Budget Proposal

Learn how to vote on Budget proposals.

MaC: Opening a wallet config file

Opening your local wallet config file on a MaC.

Am I on the right Chain?

How to check if your local wallet has forked off the main chain.

Audax: Coin Specifications

Get familiar with the specifications of AUDAX.

Audax: Whitepaper

Read our whitepaper.

Audax: Roadmap

Read the AUDAX Roadmap.

Audax: Team

Meet the team behind AUDAX.

Join the AUDAX Conversation

The AUDAX community is a vibrant, respectful and open environment; we are united in the vision of working towards attaining global adoption of cryptocurrency in everyday commerce. We invite you to join our community today - join the AUDAX conversation!