Am I on the right Chain?


Check Block Height

Every now and then, there is the possibility that a wallet might not be properly synced with the Audax network. The result is that the wallet be go on to a differnt "fork" of the network. You can quickly check if your wallet is properly synced with the rest of the Audax network by following the steps below:

1. In your local wallet, go to Tools -> Debug Console. Type the following and press the Enter key:


In the response, make note of the value for blocks, something like this: "blocks": 30820, In this example, 30820 is the current blockheight. Make note of this.

2. In the same debug console, type the following and press the Enter key:

getblockhash xxxxxx

In our example, you would type: getblockhash 30820. Now go to the Audax explorer at explorer.audaxproject.io, and enter that number in the search field. This will result in a hash number being displayed in the explorer - this is the hash for that block height. Now compare this hash with the result from the step above where you typed the getblockheight command.

3. If the result of your comparison above shows that the hashes do not match, then you are on the wrong chain, and will need to carry out a resync of your wallet. To do this, first ensure that you are on the latest verison of the wallet. Then go to Tools -> Wallet Repair -> Rebuild Index. This might take a few minutes. Once it is complete and your wallet has relaunched, carry out the steps above again and compare the hashes.

4. If the hashes still do not match, the go to Tools -> Wallet Repair -> Delete Local Blockchain Folders. This will do a full resync of the blockchain and your wallet.

5. If on the other hand the hash produced from the getblockhash command in your wallet matches the hash in the explorer, you are on the same chain.

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