Masternode Installation Guide


Audax Masternode Install Script

We have tried to make your AUDAX masternode installation as easy as possible by providing a scripted installation process. You will find the script as well as instructions here:


This script also comes with 3 maintenance scripts that help you ensure that your masternode is always running. To use this script, you will first need to prepare your local Audax wallet, including generating a new masternode private key.

Preparing your local wallet

1. To start, download, extract and launch the latest version of the Audax wallet from our official Github repository here:

Audax Github

2. Generate a masternode private key by going to Tools -> Debug Console and typing masternode genkey in the availabe field. Press the Enter key, and you should receive a response similar to the one below:


Ensure to save the private key generated above, because you will need it in later steps.

3. Send Masternode Collateral: The required collateral for an AAUDAX masternode is 150,000 AUDAX. You will need to send this collateral in exactly 1 transaction

First, create a new address to send the collateral to. To do this, go again to Tools -> Debug Console and this tume type getaccountaddress "masternodealias" where "masternodealias" is the name you want to call your masternode. This could be anything sensible - in this example, we will use the name MN1. In this case, we will have to type getaccountaddress "MN1". Press the Enter key, and you should get an address like the one below:


4. Install masternode on VPS: First you will need to create an account with a VPS provider (e.g. vultr.com or digitalocean.com). Once you create an account, purchase a VPS - we recommend a VPS with at least 1 GB of memory and 1 CPU.

Login to your vps as root. We recommend that you create a new user to use in managing your masternode. To do this, run the commands below on the console (substituting youruser with your actual user):

adduser youruser

Enter a strong password and confirm the password. Press Enter for the other prompts if you do not wnat to provide full name etc.

Give your user sudo privileges by running the command:

usermod -aG sudo youruser

Press enter and exit the console by typing:


Press enter again. Then log back in, this time as the user you just created.

Download the install script from our Github repository and then run it from the console:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/theaudaxproject/audaxnode/master/mninstall.sh && bash ./mninstall.sh

Follow the prompts - provide the masternode private key generated in the steps above when prompted, and if you want to use a custom SSH port, enter it when prompted. If you do not understand SSH, just press enter an the default SSH port (22) will be used. If you do set a different port from port 22, the system will reboot after the installation

Once the script is done installing, go back to your local wallet and go to Tools - > Debug Console. Type masternode outputs and press the Enter key and you receive a response similar to the one below:

"txhash": "fd59f13e5df5aa225798c53bef0f5783f7b26a632b9ad8981155664ac1100359",
"outputidx": 0

Now open the Audax masternode configuration file (masternode.conf) from Tools - > Open Masternode Configuration File. Paste the followng line in there:

masternode_alias vps-ip:18200 genkey collateral-txhash outputidx

You will need to replace the names above with values from the steps we have carried out so far. Let us assume our vps IP is Using our example so far, the following is what we should paste:

MN1 2t1jima7ndTeqABbRYSbxmLaPSj49MKGGNptutMnLHYeUpA5FSi fd59f13e5df5aa225798c53bef0f5783f7b26a632b9ad8981155664ac1100359 0

Ensure the line above is all in 1 line in the file. Save the file. Now go to Tools - > Open Wallet Configuration File and enter in the following:


Save the file and restart your wallet.

Once you have restarted your wallet, go to Tools - > Open Wallet Configuration File and type:

startmasternode alias false mn-alias

where mn-alias is the alias or name of your masternode.

The last step above should complete your masternode setup. In a short while, your masternode should have a status of Enabled in your wallet's Masternode tab.

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